Library of Gold Coins

Instant Access to AGW and Current Melt Values of Common US and Foreign Gold Coins

Guide to U.S. and International Gold Coins

Empower your business with SpotPro's Gold Coin Library at your fingertips. It delivers precise Actual Gold Weight (AGW), Coin weight in grams, and real-time Melt Values for a wide range of common gold coins. Make informed buying or selling decisions, and maximize your profitability. With SpotPro, you save time, reduce costs, and optimize your business effectively.

Eliminate the uncertainty of online searches and the risk of relying on potentially inaccurate information from others. A dependable and consistent source is vital, and our comprehensive gold coin database offers a swift and straightforward search experience. Need details on a 20 Korona? Simply enter '20' and instantly filter through the results to match the image with the coin in your grasp. It's a seamless and efficient solution at your fingertips.

Live Gold Coin Information

SpotPro's Gold Coin Library provides up-to-the-minute melt values and precise Actual Gold Weight (AGW) data. This real-time information ensures that you and you team have immediate access to the most recent gold coin data.

User-Friendly Interface

SpotPro offers you an intuitive, visually engaging interface to explore the Gold Coin Library. Quickly filter and find the coin information you need, whether for US or foreign gold coins. The library is designed for effortless navigation and swift data retrieval, optimizing your user experience.

Gold Coin Library

SpotPro's Gold Coin Library is accessible on various platforms - from desktops and mobile devices to your own website, offering real-time data on US and international gold coins.

Easy To Use

Navigate the Gold Coin Library effortlessly with SpotPro's intuitive interface. Find the information you need quickly with easy-to-use filter options.

Foriegn and US Common Coins

The Gold Coin Library covers a wide range of coins, including common US and foreign ones, providing detailed information and real-time melt values for each coin.

Instant AGW Data

Access real-time Actual Gold Weight (AGW) for a comprehensive range of U.S. and foreign gold coins.

Current Melt Values

Up-to-the-minute melt values ensure you have the latest pricing for accurate assessments.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive and visually engaging interface for easy navigation and quick data retrieval.

Efficient Search

Quickly filter search results to find specific coin information with ease.


Save time with a reliable source of information, eliminating the need for uncertain online searches.


Reduce costs associated with obtaining gold coin data by using SpotPro's precise information.

Business Optimization

Make informed decisions with comprehensive data to maximize profitability and optimize operations.

Multi-Platform Access

Access the library across various devices, ensuring you have information on hand wherever you are.

Comprehensive Coverage

The database includes a wide selection of U.S. and international gold coins, with detailed information for each.