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SpotPro revolutionizes the coin and bullion industry with its innovative software solution designed specifically for coin and bullion dealers. Our cutting-edge platform provides real-time pricing, robust management tools, and seamless integration with our e-commerce and marketing platforms which empowers dealers to optimize their operations and stay ahead of the competition. SpotPro is transforming the way coin dealers manage their businesses, offering a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features that enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. In an ever-changing market, SpotPro positions coin and bullion dealers for success by providing them with the tools they need to thrive. SpotPro was created by Jason Bane, a reputable coin and bullion dealer with extensive experience in programming and app development spanning over 20 years.

Spot Pro Dashboard
Your Dashboard

Your dashboard gives you quick access to all of the services and tools that are included in SpotPro! Plus, it gives you instant access to the current Precious Metal Spot Prices, Your Applications & More!

Dashboard Overview

  • Quickly Access Apps.
  • Your Own Sell Prices POS display.
  • Store Setup, Sales & Product Management
  • Customer Text (SMS) & Email Messaging.
  • Your Own Scrap Gold Buy Prices.
  • Precious Metal Spot Prices & Charts.
  • Your Buy Prices For Common Coins.
  • Silver Melt Values. (90% Silver & Sterling Silver Melt Values)
  • Choose Dark or Light Theme.
  • And More!
TXT SMS and Email Marketing
Text (SMS) & Email Interactive Local Marketing

With SpotPro's Messaging app, you can easily configure and send Text SMS & Email messages to your valued local customers within minutes. Utilize the intuitive registration forms and management system provided to easily onboard and register your customers, enabling you to promptly send out important notifications. Your subscribers will gain access to vital information including your current Sell Prices (PRICES), Spot Prices (SPOT), Your Contact Information (INFO), and a helpful general text messaging Help (HELP) feature. Stay connected and keep your customers informed with SpotPro's streamlined Messaging app.

Text (SMS) & Email Messaging App

  • Inventory Notices, Specials & Business Hours.
  • Easy & Quick Customer Registration Form
  • Subscriber Management
  • Subscribers Can Reply With (SPOT, PRICES, HELP or INFO)
  • Your Company Branded Subscribe/Unsubscribe Forms
  • Twilio Integration
  • Personalized Reply Messages
Storefront Sell Bullion
E-commerce Store

Experience the freedom of selling your collectible coins, currency, and bullion without any fees or concerns. Unlike other platforms, we never charge you selling fees, listing fees or buyer fees. Say goodbye to limitations on your sales! With SpotPro, you can confidently offer your bullion products, knowing that their prices are updated in real-time. Simply set your desired premiums, and our system will automatically refresh your product prices every 5 minutes. Enjoy peace of mind as you focus on growing your business, while SpotPro takes care of keeping your prices up-to-date.

Visit extracoins.com to learn more about your included Coin & Bullion Storefront.

Your Store Is Included

  • Inventory Management
  • Dynamic Price Updates
  • Google Shopping Feed (Provided)
  • Your Logo & Information
  • Sale Notifications
  • Vacation Mode (1 click)
  • Streamlined Easy Set-up!
  • Get Paid Direct (your own PayPal account)
  • Over 500 Categories
  • Unique Domain Name (example.extracoins.com)
Scrap Gold Buy Prices
Your Scrap Gold Buy Prices

With SpotPro's Scrap Gold Buy Price app, you have full control to configure it with your own buy percentage. What's more, it's updated in real time every 30 seconds, ensuring accuracy and responsiveness. Simply set your desired percentage, and let SpotPro handle the rest! Accessible through your mobile device during a buy, this app allows you to display Your Current Buy Prices per karat per gram to your customers. By presenting your prices in clear and transparent terms, your customers will appreciate the straightforwardness and clarity. Say goodbye to confusing buy percentages, and let your buy prices shine in black and white with SpotPro's Scrap Gold Buy Price app.

Scrap Gold Buy Prices App

  • Set Your Own Buy Percentage.
  • Per Gram Prices Are Updated In Real Time.
  • Builds Customer Trust & Loyalty.
Display Screen
Bullion Sell Price Display 

SpotPro offers a fully configurable bullion price Point of Sale display screen that can be showcased on a variety of devices. Whether it's a TV, phone, tablet, computer, or even embedded into your own website, you have the freedom to choose the most suitable platform. The display screen is designed to update with your Updated Sell Prices automatically every 5 minutes, ensuring that you, your staff and your customers always have access to the latest pricing information. With SpotPro, you can effortlessly present your bullion prices in a visually appealing and dynamic manner, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Options Include:
  • Logo
  • Color Scheme (Patriotic, Classic Browns, Black & White, Black & Blue, Inverted Patriotic)
  • Silver Premiums
  • Gold Premiums
  • In Stock Notice
  • Round Up Prices
  • Junk Silver Premium
  • Quantity Price Breaks
  • Credit Column w/fee

Bullion Point Of Sale Price Display Screen

  • Updates In Real Time.
  • Easy to Configure Premiums, Price Breaks & Options.
  • Round Up Your Prices (Optional).
  • Embeddable On Your Website (Simple Copy & Paste Code).
  • And More!
Copy and Paste Code
Website Tools

We provide members with easy-to-use copy and paste code, allowing them to effortlessly add Precious Metal Prices to their existing websites. Members also have the flexibility to incorporate their own Scrap Gold Buy Prices, Precious Metal Charts, or even display the complete Point Of Sale Bullion Sell Price Display Screen within their websites.
Please note that we do not brand or style these tools for you. Instead, we give you and your website designer complete control over the design, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing website. The only exception to this is the (POS) Display Screen and Chart Line Colors, which are customizable within our platform. With SpotPro, you can enhance your website by offering up-to-date Precious Metal Prices and other valuable information to your visitors, all while maintaining the desired design and branding of your website.

Copy & Paste Website Tools

  • Scrap Gold Buy Prices.
  • Bullion Sell Price & Price Break Display Screen. 
  • Precious Metal Spot Sell Prices. 
  • Precious Metal Spot Price Charts. 

Website Tools / Widgets

Live Precious Metals Prices

Gold: Silver: Platinum: Palladium:

We provide simple to use unbranded website tools to display live precious metals prices directly on your website. These tools can be styled by you or your website designer.

Scrap Gold Buy Prices

Set your own buy percentage, one time, and forget about it. This tool can be added to your website or accessed via your dashboard on your phone while buying scrap gold from a customer. The values update and reload every 30 seconds. This is done so that your customer can see the values update, this promotes trust. Please Note: We have not added any styles to this table and most importantly, this app does not show your buy percentage.

Gold Karat Buy Price Per Gram
10k Scrap Gold
14k Scrap Gold
18k Scrap Gold
22k Scrap Gold
24k Scrap Gold

Unbranded Charts - 7 Day Charts For Precious Metals

"Unbranded" means we do not add our logo, a link, or our name to the charts, like others do. Why advertise for another company? Especially potential competitors. 7 Day Charts available for Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

Silver Spot Price (7 Day)

Bullion Sell Price Display Screen

SpotPro's Display Screen offers unmatched versatility. Whether you want to embed it into your website, cast it to a TV in your shop, or simply open it on a mobile device, the choice is yours. This fully configurable screen allows you to personalize it with your own Premiums, Discounts, an optional Credit Price column, and more.
Gone are the days of relying on traditional chalkboards and dry erase boards. With SpotPro, you can embrace modern technology to enhance your business. The Display Screen automatically updates every 5 minutes, ensuring that your customers and staff always have access to your current Sell Prices. Upgrade your shop's ambiance, streamline operations, and provide a more engaging customer experience with SpotPro's versatile Display Screen. It's time to leave the old methods behind and embrace the convenience and efficiency of our digital solution.

The Service

Our service is designed to streamline both in-store and online sales, providing a simplified and efficient experience that enhances your customers' trust and loyalty. We have developed this service to be user-friendly, catering to individuals of all skill levels. With clear instructions and helpful setup tips available on your dashboard, you can quickly get started without any hassle. To further facilitate your experience, we have preloaded all the common data, ensuring a smooth process and eliminating any potential confusion.

Every tool and feature included in your subscription has been meticulously designed and built by us, actual Coin & Bullion Dealers. As professionals in the industry, we understand the paramount importance of accuracy. Each tool has been created out of necessity and convenience, with the primary aim of saving you time, reducing errors, and ultimately saving you money. We have been utilizing this service in our own shop since 2016, witnessing firsthand how it has streamlined our everyday operations and simplified interactions with buyers and sellers. Today, we cannot imagine reverting to the old methods of conducting business. This service has not only simplified our operations but has the potential to revolutionize the entire industry. For any Coin & Bullion Dealers operating a shop, our service is an absolute must-have. It empowers you to optimize your business processes, maximize efficiency, and stay ahead in the industry.


We use a cheap 46in TV with a Google Homestretch. We cast the display screen via a google browser window opened on a laptop on the same network in our shop. Casting to a TV hung on the wall is the recommended method and is used by most of our customers.

An active subscription
An Internet connection

Optional Display Methods 
TV with Google Chromecast
Apple TV
iPad with an Internet connection
PC/Laptop with an Internet Connection

SpotPro was born out of our own necessity, convenience, and, let's admit it, a fair amount of frustration. We understand the challenges faced by Coin & Bullion Dealers, and that's why each app provided with our service is carefully designed to streamline your business operations, ensuring speed, accuracy, and ease. Our goal is to empower Coin & Bullion Dealers like you to conduct business more efficiently than ever before. With SpotPro, you can save valuable time, eliminate errors, and simplify complex tasks. We've built each app with your specific needs in mind, enabling you to handle your operations quicker, more accurately, and with a lot less hassle. We know firsthand the frustrations that can arise in this industry, and that's why we've made it our mission to create a comprehensive solution that addresses those pain points head-on. SpotPro is here to make your life easier, so you can focus on what you do best—serving your customers and growing your business.

  • Simple to use.
  • Fewer math errors.
  • Builds trust and customer loyalty.
  • Real-time upfront pricing for your customers.
  • No yelling back and forth with staff about the current sell price, especially in front of customers that are selling items.
  • Your buy and sell prices updated in real time.

We do not hold funds. You are paid directly from your buyers. We also do not charge selling fees, insertion fees, buyer fees, or any sort of commissions.

Yes, you can use the storefront to list products that are only (Available In Store), However; you will need a PayPal account in order to sell products on-line. Using the storefront with or without a PayPal account will allow you to market your inventory with current real time prices.

You can adjust the display by adjusting the Internet browser window size. You can also adjust the browser window size by setting the zoom level. We found that by setting the browser zoom level to 80% and adjusting the window size, we can get the the cast browser window to fill the entire television screen.

We use the current Kitco prices for Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium bullion prices. These prices are updated within the service every 5 minutes. We also have back-up sources, just in-case Kitco is unavailable.

Your Google Shopping Feed is used to import products into Google Merchant Center. We recommend using this xml feed to promote your products, rather than just relying on organic traffic. The feed provided will let google import your active products that are for sale on-line. Your feed is also aware of when you're on vacation, meaning that once you set your store to vacation mode, google will stop importing, this will save you money.

Yes. We have included easy copy and paste code for you to use on your own website. You can display the current Precious Metal prices on your site (Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium). You can also add your own Scrap Gold Buy Prices per karat per gram. You can even embed your full Display Screen. The copy and paste code can be found in your Dashboard under Configuration -> Web Design Tools.

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