Sell Online with SpotPro's ExtraCoins E-Commerce

Transforming the way you sell coins and bullion online with real-time price updates and seamless product management.

Welcome to SpotPro's Dealer E-Commerce

We have revolutionized the online selling experience for Coin & Bullion Dealers. Our ExtraCoins E-Commerce platform is meticulously designed to boost your sales. Whether you're listing precious metals, collectible coins, notes, or modern numismatics, we've got you covered. With SpotPro, you can effortlessly establish a robust online presence, manage your inventory with precision, and ensure your pricing stays competitive with real-time market updates.

Dive into the world of dynamic pricing, where your products are consistently aligned with the latest spot prices for Gold, Silver, and Platinum, updated every 5 minutes. Embrace the freedom of listing an unlimited number of items without the hassle of hidden fees or restrictions. Choose your unique domain, personalize your storefront, and leverage our dealer-focused tools to streamline your operations.

Whether you're aiming to enhance your brand's visibility, simplify product management, or ensure transparent transactions, SpotPro's E-Commerce service is your gateway to a seamless and successful online selling journey. Join us and transform the way you sell coins, currency, and bullion online.

Dynamic Pricing

Our dynamic pricing feature is a standout tool that sets us apart. It provides automatic updates every 5 minutes, keeping your product prices aligned with the current spot prices for Gold, Silver, and Platinum. This feature not only ensures that your prices stay current and competitive but also eliminates the need for manual price updates, saving you considerable time and effort.

Designed by Dealers, for Dealers

Our platform is the brainchild of actual Coin and Bullion Dealers who understand the intricate dynamics of the industry. ExtraCoins aims to address the unique challenges faced by dealers, offering tools designed to save time, eliminate errors, and streamline operations.

Domain Name

Our platform allows you to promote and sell your items on your own website, offering a unique domain ( to strengthen your online identity. We ensure a worry-free selling experience with automatic price updates in alignment with current spot prices for Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

No Restrictions

There are no limits to the number of items you can list with real-time pricing. Whether it's bullion, collectible coins, proof sets, mint sets, or any other type of collectible coins and currency, you can sell them all without worrying about up-sells or any hidden fees.

E-Commerce Website

Establish your unique brand presence with a personalized e-commerce site, complete with your chosen domain name!

Product Management

Enjoy seamless product management with our integrated system, making inventory control a breeze!

Dynamic Pricing

Set your premiums and weights for bullion products and relax as we keep your prices competitive and up-to-date with market changes!

E-commerce Platform

A specialized service catering to Coin & Bullion Dealers, allowing them to sell with dynamic, real-time pricing updates.

Dynamic Pricing

Bullion prices are updated every 5 minutes in line with market changes, using trusted sources like Kitco for spot prices.

Dealer-Focused Design

Developed by dealers for dealers, the platform streamlines everyday operations with no listing or selling fees.

Independent Web Presence

Dealers get a custom subdomain for their online store, avoiding direct competition with others in a crowded marketplace.

SpotPro Integration

ExtraCoins is included with, offering an e-commerce storefront, dynamic pricing updates, and sales tools.

Simple Setup

With straightforward forms, manage your products and orders efficiently, and modify listings with a single click.

Personalized Domain

Choose a unique subdomain for your online storefront to promote your brand and items effectively.

Marketing Support

Take advantage of compatibility with Google/Bing Shopping Feeds to boost traffic and visibility to your site.

Vacation Mode

Take a break when needed; set your store to vacation mode to continue displaying products without allowing purchases.

Transparent Transactions

Receive direct payments through PayPal with no fees or intermediaries handling your money.

Real-Time Spot Prices

Ensure your pricing is always accurate with spot prices updated every 5 minutes from reliable sources.

Wide Range of Products

Sell an unlimited number of products, including various types of collectible coins and bullion, without restrictions.

No PayPal, No Problem

You can still display products and prices even without a PayPal account, though online transaction capabilities require PayPal.

Backup Systems

ExtraCoins ensures continued operation with backup systems in place, just in case the primary spot price source fails.

Comparison with eBay

Experience a better way without the extra fees and with the benefit of real-time pricing, unlike eBay's fees, fees and more fees model.