SpotPro's SMS Marketing Feature

Revolutionizing your customer engagement with targeted SMS campaigns.

Engage Customers Instantly with SpotPro SMS Marketing

Unlock the full potential of customer outreach with SpotPro's SMS Marketing—a dynamic solution tailored for coin and bullion dealers aiming for impactful communication. As mobile phone usage continues to soar, leverage the immediacy of SMS to establish a personal connection with your audience.

Our service empowers you to craft and dispatch targeted messages that resonate with your clientele, informing them about the latest product arrivals, exclusive deals, and essential updates. To ensure maximum reach and engagement, we complement every text message with a simultaneous email, doubling the chances that your message is received and acted upon.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

With SpotPro's SMS Marketing feature, you can enjoy benefits such as increased customer engagement, improved customer loyalty, and boosted sales. Moreover, its high open and response rates make it a highly effective marketing tool. Get started with SpotPro's SMS Marketing feature today and take your customer communication to the next level!

Empower Your Local Marketing

Streamline your customer onboarding process with our intuitive registration forms and sophisticated management system. Propel your business forward by rapidly disseminating crucial notifications, giving your subscribers real-time access to vital details such as current Sell Prices (PRICES), Spot Prices (SPOT), Your Contact Information (INFO), and an all-inclusive text messaging Help (HELP) feature. Elevate your customer communication to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness with SpotPro.

Instant Inventory Updates

Never leave your customers guessing about your latest offerings. With SpotPro's SMS feature, you can swiftly dispatch inventory notices, specials, and business hours directly to your customers' mobile devices. This feature ensures that your customers are always in the loop about your latest coin and bullion availabilities, ensuring they never miss a golden opportunity.

Boost Customer Engagement

Transform passive customers into active participants with SpotPro's interactive SMS feature. Let your customers request valuable information directly from their mobile devices, simply by replying with keywords (SPOT, PRICES, HELP, or INFO). This interactive feature not only provides convenience for your customers but also fosters a stronger sense of engagement and connection with your business.

SMS Messaging

Boost your customer engagement with SpotPro's powerful SMS messaging feature, keeping your clients updated with the latest inventory notices, specials, and business hours.

Easy Intuitive Forms

Simplify the customer registration process with our intuitive forms, enabling quick onboarding and streamlined communication through text messaging.

Simple Set-Up

Give your customers the power to interact directly with your business through replies using key words (SPOT, PRICES, HELP, INFO), fostering a sense of connection and trust.